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Erica Richardson

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Publishing Luna's Rescue!

     I have always wanted to write a book. But it seemed so impossible! In the past months, the stars aligned, and somehow I felt I could do it. I'm so grateful for all those who have supported me throughout the process of writing Luna's Rescue. I am also grateful for many authors whose examples have inspired me (including Jillian Boehme and Erin Entrada Kelly.) Reading about other authors' experiences, and reading their incredible books, helped me take the leap into writing my first book. 

    I'm so excited to be publishing Luna's Rescue very soon! This story was inspired by several things, including our family's crested gecko, Luna. I was also inspired by several other books, including The One and Only IvanThe Enchanted Forest Chronicles, and Hello, Universe.

    Luna's Rescue is the first book in The Cottonwood Chronicles series. The series is written for readers ages 7 to 12 and for the whole family to enjoy. At least two more books are coming and potentially more. 

    Luna's Rescue will be available for purchase on Amazon in both printed and Kindle formats. I am a huge fan of paperback books, but I also really enjoyed formatting the Kindle version of this book. Both the printed version and the Kindle version will provide unique reading experiences. I hope you enjoy!