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Anelthalien by HA Pruitt: Book Tour

Anelthalien Book Tour 

Today I'm excited to feature a YA Christian fantasy book by fellow author, HA Pruitt. 

Anelthalien is in Utah! Can you see the Utah mountains in the background?

If you look closely at the photo below, you’ll see a playground on either side of Anelthalien. You might also notice that my copy of Anelthalien is a bit worn! There’s even tape on a few of the corners. Why? Because this book traveled with me all over the place! It was always in my purse. When the kids fell asleep in the car, I’d pull it out and start to read. I’d read it at the playground. I’d read it wherever I happened to be when one of those precious moments of free time popped up. 

Before reading it, I always heard “Have you ever wanted something different? Anelthalien is waiting.” When I read it, I realized how perfect that description is of this book. It is different. It transports you to a place you never could have imagined. And somehow through this foreign land and these 4 average-seeming teenagers, you learn spiritual lessons that apply to your own life, right now. 

My very favorite lesson from Anelthalien is the moment Kindle, Tad, Ella, and Andrew leave the safety of their teacher’s home to begin their journey. In the hustle and bustle of the world, Kindle feels a strange un-realness about the situation. She starts to wonder what’s true and what’s not. She begins to forget everything she has been taught—everything that her teacher, Azildor, urged her not to forget!

But in a wave of remembrance, she’s hit with the truth. And she must hold on to it. Even if the hustle and bustle and crowds around her think that the truth is a joke. 

This resonated with me deeply. How many times has God asked us to “remember”! Our minds are weak and fragile. But if we are willing, He will help us to remember the truth. 

I think we all feel strange and out of place in the world sometimes—just like Kindle felt strange and out of place in Anelthalien. Why? 

I believe it is because we are immortal beings, children of God, and that living in this fallen, temporary, mortal world is unnatural for us. I believe that someday when we return to God’s presence, we will finally feel that feeling we had been searching for our whole lives—we will finally be where we truly belong. 

Kindle and her friends have necklaces to remind them of their callings. What reminders do we hold on to to keep us grounded in truth, even when our surroundings tempt us to forget? 

You can find out more about Anelthalien at You can also follow the author on instagram or on Facebook @hapruitt

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