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Save the Date: Book Signing


BOOK REVIEW: I Am Sleepless, Sim 299

  SIM 299 (I AM SLEEPLESS) - REVIEW (SPOILER-FREE)  "A rush of power filled his body. He opened his eyes and saw his skin flash..." -Sim 299, I Am Sleepless Review Format:  Up to 40 points are possible.          Quote  Cover - 5 pts  "You can't judge a book by its cover, but you can judge its cover." Intro - 5 pts  "The journey of 1000 pages hopefully starts with a good one." Main Story - 15 pts  "What's a sandwich without the ham?"  Ending - 5 pts  "Out with a bang? Or 'I just found some new kindling!'" Grammar 5 pts  "Let's eat Grandma! vs. Let's eat, Grandma!" (grammar saves lives) Creativity 5 pts  "Hairy Pawter and the Wizard's Rock!"  Note for Parents 35-40 points =  Must Read! 30-34 points = Amazing 25-29 points = Great 20-24 points = Good 10-19 points = Pass 0-9 points = Nope! COVER Okay, this cover is just BEAUTIFUL! I love everything about it. I love the color scheme and the port