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Erica Richardson

Clean Books to Engage and Inspire

Dragonbreath and Prejudice

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Dragonbreath and Prejudice

Clean Young Adult Fantasy Romance:

Ela would much rather scrub scum from dragon scales than learn to dance at a great feast, and the last thing Zane wants is to fall in love, especially with a dragonkeeper.

As the keeper of her family's prized dragons, Ela is hardworking and practical. She has no interest in love. Well, at least not until she makes eye contact with the mysterious Mr. Darkrye, a man who seems to have copious amounts of pride in his title as an aristocrat. But his inherited money doesn't interest Ela, and his personality soon proves to be so disagreeable that even his lovely eyes no longer deserve an ounce of her attention. She has more important things to focus on, such as the upcoming dragon exhibition.

Zanelore Darkrye gave up on the idea of happiness long ago. Day and night, he is plagued with the memories of all he has lost. But when Zane first looks into the eyes of a young village woman named Elablaze Blairwane, he senses that things are about to change. But to fall in love again is only one fear he must overcome. Because coming to know Ela will mean facing the creatures he fears even more than falling in love itself: the dragons.