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Erica Richardson

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Hope Amid the Darkness

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Hope Amid the Darkness

An Anthology to Inspire Hope and Belonging

If you are seeking hope in your life, if you need to know that you are not alone, these words are for you. Hope Amid the Darkness is a collection of poems, short stories, and essays by the following writers: Erica Richardson, Jerah Alvarado, Danica Smith, Elizabeth Baty, Kathleen Bird, H.A. Pruitt, Havelah McLat, Kaylee Zakimi, Tiffani Slaughter, Aditya Luthra, Storm Shultz, Jessica VanMeter, Emily Pirrello, Ayushi Manjar, René Reyes, and Janae Dowd. Compiled by Erica Richardson.

Note: About 1/3 of the works include Christian-based themes.