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Erica Richardson

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Lisa's Ugly Glasses

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Lisa's Ugly Glasses

Lisa is 11 years old, loves guinea pigs, and is shy—and not just a little bit shy. She's so shy that her heart practically pounds out of her chest whenever her teacher calls on her in class. Lisa will do anything she can to avoid being noticed. When a pair of glasses with incredible abilities falls into her life, her whole world is turned upside down. For the first time in her life she's motivated to get out of her shell. The only problem: the glasses are ugly—SUPER ugly, and the other kids at school are starting to call her names. But if she's able to gain confidence in herself and ignore the name-callers, those ugly glasses might just change her life.

*Lisa's Ugly Glasses received a Readers' Favorite 5-star review! 

*Now available as an audiobook on Audible and Amazon.