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Erica Richardson

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The Peregrine Series

The Peregrine series is my young adult mental-health fiction series. 

These books feature truly courageous, relatable characters who live with mental illness. So many of our challenges today are invisible, and the characters in the Peregrine series learn what courage really means.
My Books are available on and at Hide Away Used Books. Hide Away Books has locations in American Fork, Utah and Spanish Fork, Utah. Their books are also available online with free shipping on purchases over 20$!

Book 1: Peregrine: a novella
Book 2: Embrace the Broken: Peregrine Book 2

“When a peregrine falcon dives, it can reach speeds of over two hundred miles per hour,” Miles once told me.
Two hundred miles per hour is about how fast my heart was beating when Miles finally told me the truth. He has schizophrenia.
“Can you imagine the kind of courage that takes? To make a dive like that?” he had asked.
Courage. Courage was exactly what I needed.
Because the day I met Miles Jenkins, everything changed. And then everything changed again the day I took a dive.
It takes courage to live with mental illness. And sometimes, it takes more than courage; it takes a friend.

*Now available as an audiobook on Audible and Amazon. 

"It is okay to be broken.”
Miles has always been a diver, as courageous as a peregrine falcon. But after an attempted suicide, he feels anything but courageous. In fact, he feels completely broken. Nowadays, the sight of the pool—the one place he used to feel safe—sends panic coursing through his body.
Not only is he about to lose his scholarship but Miles is sick of being a burden. He knows he’s broken, and he knows he’ll only hold Trisha back. She has so much potential. She could fly if she weren’t worried about leaving him behind.
Amidst the challenges of living with schizophrenia, the confusion of defining their new relationship, and the stresses of being students, Miles and Trisha must learn what it really means to be whole.