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  STARFISH - REVIEW (SPOILER-FREE) "“I'm a starfish, taking up all the room I want.”  -Lisa Fipps, Starfish  Review Format:  Up to 40 points are possible.          Quote  Cover - 5 pts  "You can't judge a book by its cover, but you can judge its cover." Main Story - 25 pts  "What's a sandwich without the ham?"  Grammar 5 pts  "Let's eat Grandma! vs. Let's eat, Grandma!" (Grammar saves lives.) Creativity 5 pts  "Hairy Pawter and the Wizard's Rock!"  A Note for Parents 35-40 points =  Must Read! 30-34 points = Amazing 25-29 points = Great 20-24 points = Good 10-19 points = Pass 0-9 points = Nope! COVER This cover is stunning. I think it is perfect as is! It fits the story, highlighting the most important themes, and features bright, beautiful, shameless colors!  The title "Starfish" and accompanying image are related to the major theme of the book. The cover and book make me happy just thinking about them!  5/

First Year In Review

 It's been a wonderful first year of authoring. I've felt such an outpouring of love and support. Thank you so much to my readers!  It's hard for me to believe, but over the past year, I've officially published 7 books! Three are children's picture books, and four are chapter books or novellas. Three are for children under the age of 5, three are for middle-grade readers (ages 7 to 12), and one is a young adult novella. This post features each book in chronological order of when they were published. So far, my chapter books and novella have only received five star reviews. It's so surreal, and I'm so grateful to be on this journey!  After becoming a mother and choosing to stay home, I searched for an outlet of some kind to help me have balance in life. I'm so grateful to feel like I've finally found my groove! Being a stay-home mother while also writing, designing, formatting, and publishing books has given me the balance I was craving.  Here is some